Here's the Gliftor Draken album for the 2016 RPM Challenge.

No microphones, no songs.

Surprisingly little guitar, all recorded through the Mesa/Boogie preamp and Quadraverb 2.

The usual YouTube audio samples, mostly Republican. (A Noam Chomsky sample provides the commentary on the title track.)

Percussive noises were created with Hydrogen. Synth tracks were recorded via Audacity, frequently under the control of the QMidiArp sequencer. Everything was assembled with Ardour 4. All this software was running on the Linux/Celeron/Scarlett 2i4 system as used last year.

Gliftor's Greenhead and T-Stick were channeled entirely through a small Industrial Music Electronics system from The Harvestman, augmented by a Malekko Noisering (providing time-quantized uncertainty) and a Mutable Instruments Yarns (bringing certainty over from the computer via MIDI). A Mutable Instruments Clouds time-domain processor finally arrived in the last week of recording and was used ineptly.

  1. Wasteland (7:06)
  2. Not Quite Forgotten (2:17}
  3. Waiting for the Moment (4:12)
  4. Heavy Breathing (3:53)
  5. The Face on the Hotdog at the Table of the Lord (2:54)
  6. I Remember Iron Butterfly (2:18)
  7. In Frantic Denial (6:20)
  8. Electric Is the New Acoustic (3:58)
  9. Warnings Were Exchanged (3:07)
  10. Gut Feeling (2:30)
  11. Gridlocked (3:10)
  12. The Party Will End Badly (3:40)
  13. Above it All (4:28)
  14. On the Way Out (2:19)
  15. Joe Stiglitz (3:19)
  16. No Way Back (5:21)
  17. SETI (6:12)

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