I am not particularly interested in JFK assassination theories. Neither do I think that John Kennedy was a great or irreplaceable leader. I am old enough to remember the assassination, but I first heard about it from my third grade teacher rather than from radio or TV. What fascinates me about the assassination is the broadcast media coverage of it, and specifically the media's struggle to improvise some kind of real-time coverage of this unprecedented and completely unexpected event. It's probably the biggest single event in the evolution of our beloved Global Village.

SS-100-X is the catchy name given to the stretched (but unarmored) Lincoln Continental convertible in which JFK was riding when he was shot. I'm surprised that I didn't remember that, but the Internet never forgets.

The audio samples have been stripped without permission from videos on YouTube and the Internet Archive site. The samples are backed by four crossfaded improvisations played on the Eurorack modular synthesizer pictured below.

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