Gliftor Draken Plays the Synthetic Sounds of NOW!

This is IT, people, the actual NITTY GRITTY!

These are the sounds of the NEW GENERATION, as heard in coffee houses and rave clubs from Haight-Ashbury to Greenwich Village!

Or as the kids put it in their own words: "Man, this music is FAR OUT!"

This is what the HEP CATS and their Kittens are grooving to at their Acid Tests and protest rallies! This is what they make sweet love to in the Bachelor Pads and Crack Houses! The kids KNOW what the deal is, they're getting FARTHER OUT every day! With armbands, to keep order!

So grab your reefers, your barrel-strength Bourbon, or your pain meds! Gliftor Draken is taking you on a trip you'll never forget!

Side One (24:57)

Side Two (31:20)

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