Notes on Political Economy

For 2014's RPM challenge, Gliftor Draken offered a different kind of mutation. "Notes on Political Economy" was the working title of something I'd been writing, and the concept behind the album was that it would be a variation on an outline for the book. I did a lot of MIDI sequences, as usual, using FL Studio for the first time, but almost none of that made it into the final product. I think the Telecaster was the only guitar I used, and its Seymour Duncan bridge humbucker only appears on "Creative Destruction". Nothing really turned out the way it was supposed to, but that's what experimental music is all about...

  1. Evolution Suite (8:43)
  2. Political Economy (2:42)
  3. Hierarchy of Needs (5:44)
  4. 1956 (3:31)
  5. The Power of Money (9:43)
  6. Cadillac (3:32)
  7. Creative Destruction (3:02)

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