During the 1990s, Mark Ellis, formerly a member of Poet Illiterate and later to become part of the Gliftor Draken entity, wrote and recorded a collection of songs. The songs were for an album to be named "Plain", the theme of which was intended to be "survival through detachment". The original batch of these songs were recorded in a house on Chicken Farm Road, near Shoals, Indiana, during Mr. Ellis's escape from organized society between Summer 1993 and Summer 1995. These were recorded mostly with an acoustic guitar, and make up the EP version of Plain, which was digitized from cassette for the present collection.

Plain (EP version)

  1. Dwell
  2. Martha (the Red Cross girl)
  3. New Remedy
  4. Need
  5. Water Rolls In
  6. Jangled Night
  7. No Transcendence (DNA)
  8. Plain

At various times during the later 90s, the songs from the Plain EP and some newer songs were recorded digitally, either on a 4-track Sony MiniDisc recorder or on a computer. These were mixed to a DAT at that time, and have been converted to MP3s for this collection. The later recordings, made in an apartment in Edina, Minnesota, add more electric guitars and make some use of a General MIDI instrument (probably a Roland SC-55).

Other recordings from that time and place may eventually surface.

Plain (LP version)

  1. Dwell
  2. Water Rolls In
  3. Need
  4. Martha (the Red Cross girl)
  5. Won't Be Born
  6. Rabies
  7. No Transcendence (DNA)
  8. Charcoal Black
  9. New Remedy
  10. Olympic
  11. Man
  12. Daisy Dexter
  13. Happy
  14. Jangled Night
  15. Inventory Speed
  16. Mall of America
  17. Plain

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