Identifies as "Other"

The Gliftor Draken entity has always listed its musical genre as "other," and in this era of identity politics it will describe its gender, race, sexual preference, and religion in the same way. Recommended pronouns are "it" and "its."

"Called To The Foreign Field" was originally recorded by Alfred G. Karnes on July 29, 1927, as part of the Bristol Sessions. Karnes was a full-time Baptist preacher who only recorded about a dozen other gospel songs.

Everything else on this album was "composed" in the act of recording, editing, and mixing. Stuff from YouTube is assumed to be covered by "fair use" principles, although complaints by copyright owners will be taken seriously. The album was recorded and mixed during February 2020 for the 2020 RPM (Record Production Month) Challenge.

As usual, most sounds were generated with the Eurorack modular synthesizer pictured below, which remains in the same configuration as for the previous album. However, software synth plugins were also used extensively. The computer used was again a Windows 10 laptop with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface. The software was Audacity, Reaper, and Ableton Live Lite. A Tascam DR-100 Mk II field recorder was used to record a vocal part and a few other odds and ends, most of which didn't make it into the final mix. On all electric guitar parts, the Tele was recorded through the synth. In "Phase-Locked Loop," the Mutable Instruments Tides is actually functioning as a PLL, chasing the guitar's pitch in an interestingly eccentric way.

  1. Finned Chrysler
  2. Called To The Foreign Field
  3. Dirty Guitar
  4. Capitalism Gives Us Pudding
  5. Clean Guitar
  6. Blast Effects
  7. The Great American Comeback
  8. Phase-Locked Loop
  9. Eighty Or Some Multiple
  10. Tearing The Night

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