Fungible Tokens

This album was recorded and mixed during February 2022 for the 2022 RPM (Record Production Month) Challenge.

All sounds on this album were generated on a Lenovo Windows 10 laptop. No microphones or musical instruments were used. I used the VCV Rack virtual modular synthesizer instead of real synthesizers. Audacity was used for editing as always. A few tracks were made on the Reaper DAW with various free VST synths. Samples (and the image in the album cover) are from the 1938 Poverty Row thriller, "Cipher Bureau."

I have no idea why anyone would spend money on a Non-Fungible Token, but maybe I'm just too old to understand. The tracks on this album consist of ordinary bits and have no blockchain-verifiable pedigree.

  1. A01
  2. A02
  3. A03
  4. A04
  5. A05
  6. A06
  7. A07
  8. A08
  9. B01
  10. B02
  11. B03
  12. B04
  13. B05
  14. B06
  15. B07
  16. B08
  17. B09

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