Days of Whose Lives?

In May 1977, Mark Ellis, an Ohio State grad student in Chemical Physics, had already realized that his academic career was crashing to a halt. He was getting back into playing the guitar after multiple attempts to abandon music for the sake of his schoolwork. After filling two previous cassettes with context-free guitar sounds, Mark reverted to the collage style of "The Poet Illiterate Solo Album" of 1974. He continued to play without paying much attention to the difference between "solo guitar" and "guitar solos," but this remains a problem forty years later.

Using the "Earth Travler" amp eliminated the problem of plugging the guitar directly into the cassette deck, and also provided some useful spring reverb. There are a few samples of radio music on the album, but the main sample sources were an ABC-TV station that a Realistic stereo receiver happened to pick up, and five otherwise useless LPs that the Radio Shack sales guy threw in with the stereo purchase.

"Days of Whose Lives?" was originally recorded on a 60-minute cassette during May 13-27, 1977, in Columbus, Ohio.

The digital version was produced on a Windows 10 laptop (Lenovo ideapad FLEX 4), using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 USB interface and the open-source Audacity software.

Many pops and clicks were edited out in Audacity, and several unreasonably quiet parts had their relative levels boosted. In general, however, the sound is as wretched as it was when it was originally recorded on cheap tape with a 2-head Realistic casette deck.

  1. Days of Whose Lives (5:40)
  2. Dr. Pig Marshall's Ataxicide (3:02)
  3. Werewolf on the Beach '77 (2:39)
  4. No Lack of Reasons to Go On (9:00)
  5. Basic Heavy Metal/He's Always There (2:23)
  6. Last Guitar on the Left (4:51)
  7. Two Weeks, Four Days (1:58)
  8. Periodicity Lost (1:27)
  9. Two Weeks, Three Days (1:32)
  10. Test Patterns (6:22)
  11. The Rapist Knows (1:39)
  12. Charlie's Angels Angles (1:53)
  13. Days of Whose Lives (Magnum) (19:43)

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