Disinformation Theory

This album was recorded and mixed during February 2021 for the 2021 RPM (Record Production Month) Challenge.

The "album cover" is a frame from "Reefer Madness" which seems to have been obtained from stock footage: a dissolve from the usual "calling all cars" sequence.

The sounds on this album were generated in various ways. The "dreadnaught" appearing on three tracks was a Santa Cruz "Vintage Artist" acoustic guitar. The Eurorack synthesizer used on all recent Gliftor Draken recordings appears here, although it was often replaced by the VCV Rack open-source software, or by VST plugins running in Reaper or Ableton Live or maybe something else. Audacity and Balabolka were used in their usual roles. "Workflow" was chaotic as always.

The computers used were a Lenovo Windows 10 laptop and an old HP tower running Linux. A Tascam DR-100 Mk II field recorder was used to record the acoustic guitar.

  1. So Far
  2. The Second Time as Farce
  3. Dreadnaught C
  4. Deeper Levels
  5. The Secret of Enlarging Bats
  6. Dreadnaught A
  7. The Third Time as Noise
  8. Windy Dreadnaught B

copyright 2021 by Dead Planet Productions

all commercial rights reserved
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