Bacon and Flies

This album was recorded in February 2012 for the RPM Challenge. However, it was not submitted to the RPM organization. It was believed by some that the track "An American Judge" was an uncreative and inappropriate use of disturbing Internet content. This may be true, but here it is anyway. The whole album is somewhat crude and ugly.

Many parts were recorded with a Zoom H2N compact digital recorder. Guitars were played through actual amps for a change, sometimes by way of the Dave Smith Evolver. Several parts were synthesized using the Pure Data programming language, and YouTube made its usual contribution. The parts were then pasted together on a computer, probably with the Audacity software.

  1. Preemptive
  2. Bacon and Flies
  3. Life of Service
  4. Hoosier Raga
  5. Propaganda Machine
  6. Second Line of Reasoning
  7. An American Judge
  8. Beryllium Raga
  9. This Was All Predicted
  10. Work Makes One Free
  11. Zoo

copyright 2012 by Dead Planet Productions

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