Why gliftor dot com?

We first encountered the word "gliftor" around 2003, on a list of acutely toxic rodenticides that were being banned in China because of an epidemic of accidental and homicidal mass poisonings. Gliftor is said to have been developed in the USSR, and it's cheap, crude, and deadly enough to fit the usual Soviet stereotypes. Maybe gliftor is the AK-47 of rat poisons.

Gliftor Draken started life as a Second Life avatar. Second Life never made much sense (although the NSA still apparently monitors it as a potential terrorist training ground), but Gliftor escaped from it to begin a virtual musical career of his own.

With apologies to anyone who may have come here seeking rat poison, we offer the world our eccentric collection of music, opinion, and information as GLIFTOR DOT COM. Use it wisely.