Recent Projects

Degrading the Enemy Narrative

Gliftor Draken's album for the 2018 RPM Challenge.


A noise documentary about the JFK assassination.

Days of Other Lives

There are two kinds of time travel going on here. One is that this project is based on samples from Mark Ellis's recently-digitized 1977 project, "Days of Whose Lives?" The other is that these samples are brought into the Eurorack modular synthesizer environment through the Make Noise "Morphagene" module, a digital signal processor that provides random access to all parts of samples of up to 87 seconds in length, playing them forward or backward, speeded up or slowed down if desired.

The Synthesizer

The current configuration of the modular synthesizer used by Gliftor Draken is pictured below. With the addition of the Mutable Instruments "Ears" audio input module, all electric guitar parts can be recorded directly through the synth. Guitar distortion can be provided by the 3-axis wavetable section of the Harvestman "Piston Honda" oscillator.

As of May 2017, with the addition of the Malekko "Varigate 4" and the Make Noise "Morphagene," the synth case is full. The plan is to make no additions or other changes for at least a year. If I don't have the money, I don't need will power...

These are almost all digital modules, and like many digital modules, some of them seem to have been given all the features that would fit. This means that there are lots of modes and functions that have to be invoked in non-intuitive ways like pushing two buttons down at the same time, or holding a button down until a mode change happens. There's a lot to be said for the "more modular" approach seen in Serge and other old-school analog system, where each subunit does one simple thing that can be used in many different combinations with other subunits. But you can't make a Clouds or Morphagene that way.

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